The sun rises and Berry wakes up.

Berry: Ah, another morning, another day on the farm! Sunny, Sunny, wake up!

But Sunny is still asleep.

Berry: *sighs* Not again. She must've been trying to test her strength way early in the morning again. What a tomboy!

Berry thinks for a few seconds, then she gets an idea. She runs to get the garden hose and points it at Sunny.

Berry: WAKE UP ALREADY! *sprays water at Sunny*

Sunny: GAH! Alright, sheesh, I'm awake! 

Berry: Good. I'll go wake up Cow, and then we'll be ready to start the day.

Cow is asleep, so Berry tries to wake her up.

Berry: Wake up, Cow.

Berry's cow: Moo. *not moving*

Sunny: Why isn't she moving?

Berry: I don't know. Let's go ask some of our friends.

Sunny: Good idea.

So, Berry and Sunny go to Bea's house.

Berry: Um, Bea? Do you have a book on cows that can't move?

Bea: Sure. I'll see if I do. *climbs the ladder on the book shelf* Let's see...there are many books about cows, and some of them explain how strangely some cows act.

Berry: What's taking her so long?

Sunny: COME DOWN, YOU LAME BOOK! WE NEED YOU NOW! *kicks the ladder*

Bea: Whoa! Careful now, Sunny! Losing your temper and kicking the ladder is not a way to get a book we want. Do you want me to fall and lose a button or something?

Sunny: Sorry! I meant to kick the bookshelf!

After a few minutes, Bea climbs down the ladder.

Bea: Sorry, you two, but I can't find a book about how to wake up a lazy cow.

Sunny: Darn it! Who should we ask next?

Berry: Let's ask Rosy. Maybe she knows what to do.

Sunny and Berry go to Rosy's house.

Sunny: Rosy, our cow is really lazy and won't move. Can you help us?

Rosy: Certainly. Can you bring me to your barn to take a look at it?

Sunny and Berry take Rosy to the barn.

Rosy: The cow looks fine, but she is sleeping and she is a very heavy sleeper. Maybe Ace could help, as he is an expert inventor. Perhaps he can invent something to end your cow's heavy sleeping habits.

Sunny: Okay. Let me call him.

Sunny picks up her phone and calls Ace.

Sunny: *calls Ace* Hello?

Ace: Hello, this is Ace Fender Bender. How may I help you?

Sunny: Ace, our cow is really lazy. She won't wake up or even move! Can you please help us?

Ace: I'm on it! I'll be right there!

The call ends. Ace comes over to the farm.

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