Rosy and Misty 2 Pack Large Dolls

Misty Mysterious is the most magical and mystical performer of tricks in all of Lalaloopsy Land. She loves secrets and surprises, and she's always got something up her sleeve. Misty is the older sister of little Tricky Mysterious. Her name is based off of a play on words of the word mysterious, while mysterious also describing her unpredictable and awe-inspiring feats.

Home: Misty's house

About Misty

Misty is a fair skinned girl with pale pink cheeks and a small red heart mark below her left eye. Misty's hair is a sandy-blonde color worn in a fashion close to pigtails, like Jewel Sparkles and Bea Spells-A-Lot, and she wears a magenta bow at the top of her head.

Misty's outfit consist of a white tank top with multiple frilled segments going up the center and a small black bow at her neck, a dark pink belt-like segment in the center with a red heart buttons on each side and a light pink silk multi-layer skirt. She also has on white socks with frilled tops and black slip on shoes with pieces of it going around the foot. On top of her outfit Misty wears a dark gray-black opened jacket with magenta frilled lining and very thin white stripes and puff sleeves.


Her pet is a white rabbit.