Minty Waffle Cones is the little sister lalaloopsy of Scoops Waffle Cones. She is a mischievious little girl who always eats all the ice cream Scoops makes for a special event, but luckily her (Scoops) friends are here to help out.


Look: Minty has tanned skin, just like Scoops herself. She has the basic black button eyes. Minty has the same hairstyle as Trinket and Specs, with vanilla white, strawberry pink, and chocolate brown. The bow at the top of her hair is mint green with brown polka dots, meant to be mint-chocolate-chip themed.

Outfit: Minty wears a dress with puffed sleeves, and mint green and brown Mary Janes shoes. Her dress's top is strawberry pink, with red "sprinkles" decorated on it as a pattern. Her sleeves are also strawberry themed, except with brown (chocolate) sprinkles instead. The rest of her dress is waffle themed.


Minty is a mischeivious little girl, but fun to have around. She loves eating ice cream, but she loves mint chocolate chip the most. Sometimes, she refuses to eat her lunch and dinner. When Scoops is not looking, she trades Scoops her breakfast for the ice cream that Scoops uses in the morning to make different kinds of treats. Other times, she's very sweet and is a cutie pie.


Minty has a pet spoon. Her spoon is silver and has a little green bow on the side of her head. Minty named her spoon "Yummy".


  • Sprinkles is Minty's best friends, but they got mad at each other just for a while when Sprinkles and Bundles were sharing secrets with each other instead of Minty. But they are friends again now. Long story.
  • She is the adopted younger sister of Scoops. Her mom left Lalaloopsy Land at Minty's birth.
  • Scoops was already 24 when adopting Minty!
  • The only flavor of ice cream that Minty dislikes is Pineapple. If she weren't allergic to it, she would have loved it!