Mayo B.LT. is the little sister of Pickles B.L.T.

Drawn by missflyingtoaster (Melissa Smith) using Adobe Illsutrator
Mayo blt

Sewn on:

July 27 (the day the first hamburger was sold)

Sewn from:

waitress uniform




Mayo loves to make new creative sandwich ideas and serving them to her friends.  Her sister Pickles helps her prepare the tasty treats and also helps Mayo on her roller skates.


Mayo has a new hairstyle in orange. It  She wears a white hat.  Her eyes are black, fair skin, pink cheeks.  She wears a checker collar with black sleeves and blue top.  Her skirt is black with blue transparent overlay and white apron with checker pocket.  She has white socks with pink roller skates.


a orange and red corn dog


Mayo lives with her sister

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