Mary Stitchup


Lalaloopsy Full Size Doll

Sewn From

A Pathwork Quilt

Sewn On

August 30th (Frankenstein Day)


White Lab Rat

Mary is a diehard scientist who just loves robots, chemicals, and electricity!


Mary is a scatterbrained genius who loves nothing more then tinkering around with metals and circuits. She adores all things Steampunk and stitched-up and can find the cuteness and perfection in even the grossest of her creations. She can come off as a bit of a neat freak and a perfectionist, but in a lab, everything must be perfect, lest you want something to go absolutely haywire. But she isn't above having fun with her creations!


Mary has copper-brown hair in a spiky and slightly fluffy style. Her skin is pale, her button-eyes black. Her entire outfit is mismatched and crazy (as she was sewn from a patchwork quilt), with the shirt and skirt being entirely different colors and patterns stitched together. She has one yellow-white stocking and one black-and-white stocking, with black and dark red shoes with a stitched-up pattern. Over her shirt and skirt she wears a white lab coat.


Mary's pet is a white lab rat--But don't worry, she wouldn't dream of doing tests on him!


Mary lives in a dark Gothic castle made of stone. But don't let looks fool you--Inside, it's filled with quirky clockwork and Steampunk contraptions! Despite it's gloomy exterior, Mary loves to fill her home with fun science experiments and all of her latest gadgets and gizmos. And lots of skylights, too, so she can always see when the lightning's out to bring something to life.


  • Originally, her birthday was January 9th (Play God Day), then changed to March 31st (Bunsen Burner Day), before settling on August 30th.
  • She was deemed Character of the Week for the week of March 17th, 2014. Her creator is very much flattered!


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