Mary D. Smoke is a special Lalaloopsy that was made in hopes of getting people to stop smoking. She was sewn from a
Better mary
candy cigarette wrapper.

Her sister is Julie A. Drugs and her cousins are Gabi Tess and Sol Tess


She is a kind girl who remembers to never smoke. She dosent like people who smoke or have smoke in their house.


Mary has tanned-yellow colored skin and bright red-pink button eyes. Her honey blonde hair is worn in a very curly ponytail with a blue hair bow. Her bangs are a bit curly also.

Mary D. wears a blue and pink checker dress with peachy-pink, lilac, and cyan blue coloring, along with candy cigar wrappers used in place of lace. She is barefooted.

For the beauty pageant she is wearing a spaghetti strap with a pearl for a brooch with a sparkly blue bow in her modified ponytail.Her dress has a combination of ribbons.One is pink,one is black and one is blue and her dress is blue as well.


Her pet is a smoke cloud with a blue bow


Her home is made of candy cigarettes.


Mary D Smoke mini 4 pack with Cocoa,Wendy and Pink pie bowtie

Mary D Smoke Full size doll

Mary D Smoke Loopy Hair

Mary D Smoke Soft Doll

Mary D Smoke micro

Mary D Smoke sister pack with Julie A. Drugs


  • She is friends with all the lalaloopsies in the pageant
  • She hates Ember.
  • Her animated appearance is in the episode Do the Twist.
  • She is the first lalaloopsy to have red eyes.
  • She is the only lalaloopsy to have cousins.
  • She is one of the only loopsies to lack blushing cheeks.
  • A rumor is confirmed that she is a vampire. She once bit Suzette and April. She is also friends with the Vampirate Patch Treasurechest.


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