Marguerite Le Fleur


Full size doll

Sewn on

April 1st (April's Birth flower is a Daisy)

Sewn from

Daisy Petals



Marguerite Le Fleur is a very, very sweet girl who never gets sad, unless her flowers get too wet. She loves her little sister, Amour Le Fleur. She owns the rarest golden daisy, that grows only once in a lifetime and only grows in one spot.


Marguerite is incredibly sweet and smart. She is caring and loving as well. When she makes a tiny mistake, she might cry so hard.


coming soon!


She owns a red, red Ladybug.


She lives in an incredibly wide field, that no one can see her house in the map.


  • Marguerite Le Fleur is the French of "Daisy the Flower".
  • Marguerite is a French character.

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