Here's Mani Kee Neko! Mani just can't wait to meet new friends wherever she goes! As a girl from far, far, away, Mani needs to find a good place to finally rest with good friends. She was inspired by the Maneki-Neko, the lucky Japanese toy cats that wave their paws.


Mani was at first a very, very snobbish girl, saying that everything she wanted was to be hers. Mani then came to Lalaloopsy Land and learned about nice manners and how to not be so snobbish. At times she can get very mad and make others feel how she feels, but the number of times that has happened anymore is low, and she is very nice. (Most of the time...)

  • Likes: Drawing and learning to create woodblocks
  • Does not like: Dogs and bullies

She has an adopted little sister called Tab E. Neko.


Mani has brown hair and it is strait and comes just around her shoulders. She is wearing a purple dress that is thin and hinted with gold. It has the Maniki Neko Cat on the bottom right of the dress and is short-sleeved and comes down to the middle of her thighs. The dress has a high collar and split in the middle. Her shoes are black flats.



Her house has a pointed roof, which is purple. The bottom of her house is a goldish-yellow color. The bottom of her house is noticeably smaller than the top. Her house is almost completely plain, except for the porch, which has a hammock, which is a lilac in color. The porch is a deeper purple than the roof.


Mani's pet is similar to the Maniki Neko, but is shaped like Jewel Sparkles Cat, and of course, she has a red collar. It's name is Kiki.


  • She is sewn on February 1st, a time around Chinese New Year, though she is Japanese like Yuki. She is sewn from a woodblock.
  • She is the first Lala to have flats.
  • She knows English and is talented at drawing.

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