Mango's revenge
Season 3, Episode 11
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Fanmade Episode:Rain Rain, Go away
Lalaloopsy vs Nick Jr


After the events of Mango's Mainland Holiday, Mango decides to get revenge on Patch, Bea, Forest, Tippy, and Crumbs for being racist to her


The episode starts out on Mango's island, where she is sitting by herself, the mean taunts from before flooding her mind. She was upset wity them. She then decides to gi back to lalaloopsy land so she can make a plan

She sneaks around and builds a little house for herself for a couple of nights. The popular lalas are having a party. She cant get past the bouncer, so she spies on them through her telescope. There is food and dancing and bright lights. The pops are talking about Mango and how tedious her culture is so she gets past the bouncer and kills them

The end


  • Mango Tiki Wiki
  • Patch Treasurechest
  • Bea Spells-A-Lot
  • Forest Evergreen
  • Tippy Tumblelina
  • Crumbs Sugar Cookie



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