Hot pizza, cool music! - Mama in Lego Island

Mama Brickolini is an Italian pianist who lives on Lego Island. She's the adoptive mother of Pepper Roni, the wife of Papa Brickolini and the cousin of Rosie Brickolini. She runs the pizzeria on Lego Island along with Papa.



Mama is a warm hearted lego and a talented pianist who came to Lego Island on a ship where she met Papa whom she's been married to for a zillion years. While Papa makes pizzas for Pepper to deliver, Mama entertains the patrons by playing the piano. Mama however is near sighted and therefore can't judge her distances too well. -


Mama greets Pepper and his new friends when they come to the pizzeria for the first time. She usually relies on Crumbs to bake and Peanut to deliver when Pepper and Papa aren't available. She has a lot of interest in the relationship between Crumbs and Pepper and hopes that one day they'll get a better bond between them.


Mama is a lego with black hair, she wears a red shirt and a pearl necklace and she a white apron, white trousers and a chef's hat.


  • Mama is one of the main characters in the 1997 PC game Lego Island.
  • She later becomes a member of the Princess Club along with Nancy Nubbins and Officer Laura Brick.