Major Iwo Jima
Major Iwo Jima

Sewn on

February 19

Sewn from

A United States Marine Corps uniform

Major Iwo Jima is a major for the Lalaloopsy Land Marines. She is one of the commanders in her corps.


Proud to serve in any battle like the Lalaloopsy Land Civil War. Being the first to fight for right and freedom and to keep her honor clean she's one of the few and the proud marines in all of Lalaloopsy Land


Major has a dark skin tone, yellow hair and black button eyes and she wears the US Marines dress blue uniform with six medals on her left side.


She was named after the Battle of Iwo Jima as well as the monument that was created after it.

Major's birthday is on the day the Battle of Iwo Jima started.

She's a good friend to Lady Stillwaiting and Cinder Slippers.


Major insignia

Major's rank

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