Lovely Arrows is a lalaloopsy sewn from a Cupid's outfit. She was sewn on an indefinite date ( She was sewn on a date that can be any day, like Easter) in October (Sweetest Day). It is always on the 3rd Satuday.


Lovely Arrows has nearly fair-skin with a hint of pink and pink button eyes. She wears a pink dress with pink, red, and white hearts and arrows on it. Her shoes are pink boots with red hearts on the sides. She has three hearts of the colors pink, red, and white on the left side of her face. She has clip-on wings and hair like Crumbs Sugar Cookie's, but Lovely's is a lighter pink with a red bow.


Lovely Arrows is a sweetheart and tries to make sure everyone gets along. She hates fighting. If she sees a girl Lalaloopsy who seems to like a boy Lalaloopsy, she tries to hit them with her arrows of love. Unfortunately, she doesn't shoot them very well, so she has to use other methods. She likes things like chocolate, hearts, and friendly letters. She dislikes mean people, bullying, and fighting. She is friends with Jewel Sparkles, Suzette La Sweet, the Lala-oopsy princesses, Toffee Cocoa Cuddles, Sprouts Sunshine, and Lucky Lil' Bug.


Lovely's pet is a ladybug with heart-shaped wings. It is black, pink, and red. Its antenna have heart-shaped ends on it. It acts very responsibe (For instance, if it spills something, it attempts to clean it up) and it has been given the name Lady LoveBug.


Lovely lives in a house made of heart-shaped buttons and chocolate boxes. The colors on it are pink, white, red, and violet. Her house has heart-shaped windows and pink cutrains with red hearts on it.


  • She uses special methods to get a boy and girl Lalaloopsy to like each other, like writing a love letter to the boy and signing it as the girl's name.
  • She has a little sister named Hearts Arrows.

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