This like the Ms. Lalaloopsy Pageant,but with Littles

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The contest starts today.If you want enter one of your littles,you are free to do that.The contest ends on the First Day of school,so you got to enter by September

1.Sol Tess

2.Snippy von snips-alot

If you are a user,send in a picture of your little in her dress.If you are a Wikia Contributor you must create a section entitled Gown For Littles And Tiaras.If I do not have enough names by then,I will shut down the pageant.

Vote here


1.Do NOT cheat,if u do then u will be disqualified.

2.If you lose,Please dont be a sore loser,if so then you will be kicked out of this wiki

3.Have Fun!

What Will Happen

1.We will have a Personality competition along with Beauty and Talent

2.Everybody who wants to will enroll their Lalaloopsy's name in the sheet above

3.We will have two finalists and you will vote for your favorite.She will win!


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