This parody of part of ep 13 of KMB. Little elementary To learn more.



Giggly:ow ow ow

Mallow:That just a normal thing I suppose.

Me:I'll give this to you when you appogile to Giggly.

Thunder:You were going to give to me anyway!

(thunder opens the present)

Thunder:What is this?

Me:It's a gas that changes your voic when you inhale it.

(me & mallow inhales it)

(mallow & breeze say something long)

Thunder:That kinda ertates me & besides it's probably emety now.

Me:Never fear twin sis,you're real present still to come I promise.

Thunder:I'm sure it's just something weird again isn't it.

Me:It's ok open it go ahead.

(thunder opens the present)

Thunder:Huh?You gave me a CD? But that's just normal.

Me:Now you can listen music from lightning strom.Oh to think of it my birthday is tomorrow what a little bit I'll help you out.

Thunder:So that was your end game all along.

(now a scene changes to doers locked)

(somewone opened to door)

Gizmo:HA HA HA HA HA! I have come cause I heard there was a birthday party going on.


Gizmo:(stomping his feet)Dang I arived a little to late!

(now a scene changes with juice on the ground)

(Gizmo pick up to juice)

Gizmo:WOW!It's my lucky day(opens the juice)AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!(falls into a hole)AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

(matey's paper boat floating for the end)

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