Little elementary To learn more


Sporty:Ok everyone it's time for dodgeball!

Streamers:Can I have Giggly,Gizmo,Tricky & Breeze haves Dream,Matey,Wishes?


Me: (to myself) Oh no Oh no!

Gizmo:Your on!

(now a scene with Streamers,Giggly,Tricky & Gizmo with a dodge ball)

Wishes:I mouth the ball.

Dream:No!(uses her powers to make my team with dodge balls)Don't even dare to eat the dodge ball!

Me:Thanks Dream!

Dream:Your welcome.

Tricky: (pretending to be confuised) Where are we?

Streamers: DODGEBALL!!!!!!

Sporty: Let's switch out your weakest members.

(Tricky switches out to me & Wishes switches out to Streamers)

Me:(to myself)Okay why does this even happen?

Gizmo:Bring it on!

(now a scene where we all wait for sporty to get the dodge balls ready)

Tricky:Ready yet?

Sporty:(putting the last dodge ball down)Yep!

Tricky:(grabs four balls half with her hands & half with her magic)Now let's stop these jerks.


Dream:Breeze don't worry about it.Okay?

Sporty:Tricky your cheating.

Tricky:(ignoring what Sporty just said)Whatever..........Uncle!

Sporty:I'm not a uncle.

Giggly:(trows a painted bomb like a dodge ball)Taste this!(trows the painted bomb at Sporty)

Tricky:(guards Sporty)


(Tricky trows dodge balls at Me,Wishes,Dream,Matey)

Me:(crying)Tricky!Why'd have to do that?!(stops crying)Wait I know better than crying.


Dream:(looks at me)Yeah I know that.

Wishes:(stops crying & looks at me & Dream)(wiping tears)Really?


Dream:Um? Does anyone know where are coach is?

Matey:Ahoy matey she's taking a nap.

(now a scene in the lunchroom)

Me:Mallow & Whispy how did math go?

Mallow & Whispy:It was great!

Mallow:How did dodge ball go?



Dream:Yeah I argee.

Wishes:I wanted to eat the ball!

Dream:Again what did I told you about the ball?!


The End


  • Mallow,Whispy,Fright,Thunder,Needle,Cape are not in dodge ball!
  • The new lalaloopsy is in this,I'm guessing her name is Sporty Kicks a Lot.

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