Peanut sew cute

Gizmo:Don't make me look at that! Me:How about we play super smash bros for wii u? Gizmo:Nah.....

Little elementary to learn more


Me:(looking at the lalaloopsy party pictures of Jewel,Crumbs and Peanut)Everywone look.

Everywone well not gizmo:PEANUT IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gizmo:It's ugly not cute.(beacause he doesn't like Jewel lalaloopsy musical)

Everywone well not gizmo:What?

Gizmo:Geez she's always ugly.

Me:(about to blow up)(blows up the entire world)

the end


  • Since you think Peanut(the lalaloopsy party one)is cute I decided to make this thing.

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