Lily's doll

Lily Flutters 'n' Flaps Is a real fairy lover. She was sewn from a fairy's wings.


Lily loves to run outside because it makes her feel like she is flying. She and her sister, Shy Fly love to dress up in fairy costumes and have tea parties.


Lily has green hair in a side bun, held up with a sliver hair ribbon. She has light skin and wears a blue dress and elf shoes. She has leaf braclets and anklets. She wears sparkly sliver wings.


Lily's pet is a hummingbird.


Lily's birthday is March 1st ( Fly High day )


Lily lives in a teapot house with her sister.


  • Full size Lily Flutters And Flaps
  • Mini Lily Flutters and Flaps
  • Mini #2 Lily Loves Tea
  • Mini #3 Lily's Party
  • Sister pack Lily Flutters and Flaps and Shy Fly
  • Mini sister pack


  • Her house  is  a refenece to Tinker Bell, as she lives in a teapot
  • She and Pix E. Flutters are best friends

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