All: Having fun isn't hard when you got a library card (2x)

Bea: Come on inside we got everything you need there's plenty to do or you can just sit and read.

Mittens: This book explains how to make paper planes.

Dyna, Tippy, and Peanut: This countour map can show you mountain range tourians.

Dot: Fly to the moon

Coral: Explore the ocean floor

Sand E., Mango, Forest, Ace, Ember: Find out which one's the tiller and which one is the oar.

Crumbs: There's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Misty, Star, and Pix E.: And Half Magic

Sir: Hop on Pop

Lady: Fox in Socks

Pickles, Patch, Holly, and Marina: And books on doing card tricks!

All except Pickles, Patch, Holly, and Marina: Oooooh!

All: Having fun isn't hard when you got a library card (2x)

Whistle and Peppy: Books on baseball, hockey, and soccer.

Rosy: And even how to build yourself a first aid kit.

Jewel: I can stay in this place for hours and hours.

Wacky: I like books with pictures of lots of pretty flowers

All: (shocked)

Wacky: Being crushed by a giant pterodactyl.

Alice: Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, and Ray Bradbury.

Bun Bun, Scoops, Jelly, Cherry, and Dotty: You can take them home so you don't have to read them in a hurry.

All: Having fun isn't hard when you got a library card (2x)

Spot: Paintings by Leonardo, Rembrant, and Picasso



This song is from the Arthur episode "Arthur's Almost Live Not Real Music Festival".

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