This is what happens when Gumby and Friends meet the Lalaloopsys.


  • (The Gumby Adventures intro plays)
  • (title card: Gumby meets the Lalaloopsys)
  • (episode fades to Gumby and friends playing in the band, the same scene as Skateboard Rally)
  • (minga comes in to denali's house)
  • Minga: Denali! We are waiting for you in the studio!
  • Denali: Oh, I'm very sorry. The alarm clock isn't working.
  • (they both go out of denali's house and into the barn to see Gumby and friends play)
  • (Denali drops Minga off and walks away)
  • (just as gumby and friends is about to finish, a mysterious portal appears inside the barn)
  • Pokey: Holy Dorito!
  • Gumby: Is that a portal?
  • Goo: I think so!
  • Prickle: I never seen anything like it!
  • (minga looks closely into the portal, she sees the Princess Club lalaloopsys inside Jewel's house. Minga gets surprised.)
  • Minga: You better come take a look at this. They are dolls with button eyes who come alive!
  • Denali: I want to see too!
  • (they all see and they all get surprised except Minga)
  • Gumby: Who are those?
  • Prickle: I don't know.
  • (suddenly it warps Gumby and all his friends, even his sister into the portal)
  • (Gumby and friends warps out of the portal and hit the wall, the princess club lalaloopsys saw)
  • Jewel: Woah! You better look at this!
  • (suddenly, Gumby and friends fall down and look behind to reveal the dolls)
  • Spot: Oh, hi everyone!
  • Peanut: What are your names?
  • Gumby: Gumby!
  • Pokey: Pokey!
  • Prickle: Prickle!
  • Goo: Goo!
  • Denali: Denali!
  • Minga: Minga, Gumby's little sister!
  • Jewel: Oh, how nice to meet you! I am Jewel Sparkles!
  • Spot: I am Spot Splatter Splash!
  • Peanut: Peanut Big Top!
  • Sunny: Sunny Side Up!
  • All except Gumby and friends: We're the Lalaloopsy girls!
  • Gumby: Woah! Nice to meet you!
  • Minga: I love you, Jewel. You are my best friend!
  • Jewel: Yeah!


  • Since WS loves Lalaloopsy and has joined to the Gumby Wiki, LalaKeithy123 made the first ever Lalaloopsy and Gumby crossover story.

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