Lalaloopsy Second Grade is an american television eries prepared to air June 21st


Its about 5 second graders making their way to the third grade and face 6 enimes:Jewel,Cinder,Pix.E,Peppy,Mango and Crumbs


Episode 1. Jewel

The girls get bullied by Jewel,Cinder and Pix.E

Episode 2. Ugh!

Patch suffers through the pronouncition of ugh

Episode 3.Nuthin But Da Tooth

Feather loses a tooth

Episode 4.It

The kids find out that therye being filmed

Episode 5.Bundles Born

Feather is going to be a big sister to baby Bundles but taking care of babies is more  than she bargained for

Episode 6.The Big Stupid Secret

Sahara tells Feather one of the most secrety secretive secrets about Peppy,Mango and Crumbs.Soon the secret goes to Rumor Mill and then becomes a phenenomenon across New Jersey and the school

Ep 7.Snoop Troop

Feather,Sahara,Prairie,Patch and Forest snoop on Jewel,Cinder,Pix.E,Crumbs,Peppy and Mango when the meanies are having a slumber party late at night

Ep 8.I X Meen Teechers

Mrs.Bea is acting mean to everyone during class,Causing the kids to join forces with the meanies and find out what happening in the teachers lounge when the teacher yells an obnoxious mean voice at them befoe they leave for Technology/Library

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