Lalaloopsy Rewards Program, or the Lalaloopsy Fan Club, is a club for young and old Lalaloopsy enthusiasts.

Call or click to join today!

In the mail, you will get everything you need to be a Lalaloopsy fanatic! You will also get 10 free golden buttons!

Golden Buttons are paper buttons that appear on Lalaloopsy doll boxes. If you get the right amount of buttons, you may be able to get a mail order lalaloopsy! The mail order lalaloopsies include posable and brushable figures of the Little elementary cast! They also come with interchangeable clothing!


  • The Mango Tiki Wiki contest-Call 123-456-789 for a chance to win the Mango Tiki Wiki merchandise and a free luau for you and your entire neighboorhood!
  • Teen Titans Go Sweepstakes-Send in 100 golden buttons and get the Titans, Hive Five, and the Little Buddies in a Bundle Pack. We will also include the limited edition Titans East and Emoticlones!
  • Mother Goose Club sweepstakes-Send in 200 golden buttons OR have your name drawn in a hat for a chance to win a six-pack of Their Gang!
  • Little Elementary sweepstakes-Send in 300 golden buttons, have your name drawn in a hat, and win a bundle pack of the all the kids from Little elementary!

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