Jewel meets Elmo


Jewel, Bea, and Peanut go to Sesame Street to meet the Sesame Street characters.



Jewel: Let's go to Sesame Street!

Peanut and Bea: Okay!

(When they got to the airport.)

Jewel: Three tickets please!

Hope: That will be $3.00 please!

Jewel: Thank You!

(When the airplane came)

Peanut: Yay!

Bea: Let's go!

Jewel: Sesame Street here we come!

(When they gave the plane driver tickets.)

Jewel: Here's our tickets

Bea: I can't wait!

Peanut: This is fun!

(When the plane stopped at Sesame Street.)

Jewel: That's our stop!

Bea: Wow!

Peanut: This is spectacular!

Jewel: Look there's a red monster!

Peanut: Let's meet him!

Jewel: Hello, I'm Jewel and this is Bea and Peanut! What's your name?

Elmo: Elmo's Elmo

Peanut: Nice to meet you, Elmo!

Elmo: Elmo has some friends to show you!

Bea: Okay!

Elmo: This is Abby Cadabby!

Bea: Hi Abby!

Abby: It is so nice to meet you!

Elmo: This is Big Bird!

Peanut: Hi Big Bird!

Big Bird: It is nice to meet you!

Elmo: This is Grover, Zoe, and Cookie Monster!

Grover: Hello everybooodddy!

Cookie Monster: Nice to meet you want to share a cookie?

Zoe: Yeah, nice to meet you!

Elmo: This is Rosita!

Rosita: Hola, Amigos!

Peanut: You speak Spanish?

Rosita: Si!

Elmo: This is Bert and Ernie

Bert and Ernie: Nice to meet you!

Elmo: This Baby Bear, Telly, and Murray Monster!

Murray: Nice to meet you!

Telly: Yeah!

Baby Bear: Yeah!

Elmo: This is the Count!

The Count: Nice to meet you!

Elmo: This is Oscar, but he is a grouch!

Oscar: Don't remind me!

Elmo: Oscar!!!

Jewel: Let's party!

Zoe: Yes!

Elmo: Let's dance!

(When the plane came.)

Bea: Bye everyone!

Cookie Monster: Bye, bye!

Rosita: Adios!

Grover: Goodbye everybooodddy!

Abby: Twinkle out!

Elmo: Elmo loves you!

(In the plane.)

Jewel: That was fun!

Peanut and Bea: Yeah!


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