Lalaloopsy Land is a tv series focusing on the fanon characters and some of the real characters


Mary D. Smoke

Julie A. Drugs

Gabi Tess

Pink Loves 'n' Hearts

Pink-pie Bowtie

Wendy Strawberry

Amethyst Quartz

Cocoa Hot 'N' Frothy

Taylor Sings

Starlight SuperStar

Peppermint Candy Sticks

Darby Whirl n' Swirl

Fran Mill

Amber Stars 'N' Stripes

Cotton Cloud Wisp

Lolly lick n pop

Bella Darkness

Suzette La Sweet

Ivory Ice Crystals

Jewel Sparkles

Cinder Slippers

Pix.E Flutters

Tippy Tumbelina

Alvin Chips 'N' Dale

Ace Fender Bender

Patch Treasurechest

Forest Evergreen

Ep 1. Busted

After Mary realizes that everyone is smoking,she threatens to kick everyone ot of town

Ep 2. Legend of the Sassy Sasquatch

Pink pie finds a sasquatch and adopts it.Realizing it to be very feisty

Ep 3. Cliques,Phonies and other Baloney

Fran,Jewel,Cinder,Pix.E,Ivory,Suzette and Tippy start a clique and begin to bully the kids

Ep 4. The Dreaded F Word, and also the Lorax

Julie and Mary learn a bad word behind the school and use the word to express anger meanwhile,Forest visits the Once-ler to learn about truffula trees and the lorax

Ep 5. No Nose Knows

Everybody in school wants a nose

Ep 6. The Curse of Narf,Nivla and Ibag

Fran,Alvin and Gabi find Anti Versions of themselves and try to make them go away

Ep 7.Miss American Beauty

Julie wants to be the Miss American Beauty in school so she tans up and gets blonde

Beauty Rhyme:

Mailman Mailman,do your duty

Here comes Miss American Beauty

She can do the pompom

She can do the twist

But most of all she can kiss kiss kiss


Ep 8.Desparate Hours.

Wendy has to move away when she sees a Coldwell Banker sign on her front yard.She'd rather be homeless and pennyless

Season 2. Episodes

1.Curse of Vampire Moonlight

Mary and Patch team up and start biting everyone

2.This is the End

The end of the world is coming and the kids have to prepare

3.Yarm,Ibag,Nivla,Narf,Los,Eiluj and Kinp

Alvin, Fran, and Gabi's anti verisons are back with new friends (Mary, Sol, Julie and Pink's Anti Verisons)




7.Monster Pudding

8.Think Of The Times


This series will be cancled in order to make room for The New Adventures of Teddy the Pooh

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