"Lalaloopsy Gang Wars" is a reality show that takes place in Lalaloopsy Land. It is rated TV-14 and advises viewer discretion.

Season One

  • "Where it all Began"--shows how all the gangs in Lalaloopsy Land first began
  • "Double Crossers"--Pete R, Prince, and Wacky form a secret gang with Sir, Forest, Ace, and Patch that is unknown to the Fairytale Gang... But not for long.
  • "One Wrong Step"--Jelly goes into a Kwikshop on the Candy Gang's turf to buy some beef jerky, which leads into an all-out war between the Candy Gang and the Shoppe Gang
  • "Beauty Queen"--The petty girls of the Gem Gang and Flower Gang fight to see who is the prettiest.
  • "Thorns"--Rosebud considers leaving the Flower Gang after some scratches she sustained after being pushed down a hill
  • "Odd One Out"--Furry is found in the Fairytale Gang's territory and the gang contemplates what to do about this
  • "Denied"--After being denied membership into the Fairytale Gang, Queenie decides for some odd reason to force her way into the much-too-soft Cake Gang
  • "Donuts"--Cake gives the gang salmonella after making undercooked donuts and the gang vows to kick her out
  • "Spare Change, Ma'am?"--Cake deals with life as a hobo

to be continued

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