Lalaloopsy: Nuu Maho, Nuu Kawaii is an anime created by Jenny Williams and Rachel Lambton, with the help of Mike Inel.


A girl named Bridgette Anderson has a collection of dolls called the Lalaloopsies that can magically come to life. In the fictional Lalaloopsy Land, the Lalaloopsies have silly adventures, but each one has a different point of view, which causes friction and bullying on the rise. Meanwhile, a young girl named Bridgette Anderson and her friends, Victoria Roberts, Molly Smith, Nate Franklin, John Simmons, and Andrew Santiago have equally fun adventures while facing one enemy...............

Hilary Vandemeer.

Join the magic, adventure, misery, drama and friendship with the ragdolls we all know and love: Lalaloopsy.

Episode List

List of Lalaloopsy: Nuu Maho, Nuu Kawaii Episodes

Voice Cast

Kari Wahlgren as Bridgette

Salli Saffioti as Pillow and Candle

Stephanie Sheh as Crumbs and Nurse White

Cindy Robinson as Peanut, Bea, Prairie, and Mari

Alyson Stoner as Spot, Holly, and Wendy

Kate Higgins as Jewel, Star, and Misty

Julie Maddalena as Dot and Blossom

Lara Jill Miller as Bundles, Specs, Sunny, Ember, and Scribbles

Anna Cummer as Berry

Cam Clarke as Patch and Dr. Red

Yuri Lowenthal as Ace

Zach Callison as Nate

Haviland Stillwell as Marina, Peggy, Pix E, and Bah.

Robbie Daymond as Forest and John

Todd Haberkorn as Ice E and Andrew

Wendee Lee as Pickles, Dyna, Tippy, and Hilary

Erin Fitzgerald as Mittens, Suzette, Scraps, and Haley

Grant George as Sir

Colleen Foy as Rosy

Grey DeLisle as Pepper and YoNang

Shelby Rabara as Squirt

America Young as Trinket and Blanket

Debi Derryberry as Mango

Hynden Walch as Sprinkle, Cherry, Victoria, and Bubbles

Laura Bailey as Cinder

Michelle Ruff as Teddy and Goldie


  • The characters don't have their original voice actors in this series. They have different voice actors.

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