Lalaloopsy: Journey for the Legendary Needle, is a fanfiction by TwinklingDiamond. It is slated to have 32 chapters and a story following it called; Lalaloopsy: The Marmalade Boy. This story following it's successors uses the basic Loopsy outline while giving it a Mahou Shojo twist.


Many years ago there was a thing called the Legendary Needle. This needle has been a fable for over a thousand years and the Lalaloopsy's were just sewen from things like a princess's dress ever since. However Blueberry Basket sewn from a little girl's dress that live on the parries has always been interested in this old tale and sets out on adventure to find out why it disappeared and what it did. Her friends Apple Pie Crust sewn from a tablecloth and Platinum Tiara Princess sewn from a shiny old princesses dress join her.

However along the way they discover their powers and the sinister reason for the Legendary Needle's disappearance.



Blueberry Basket Sewn from a little girl's dress that lived on the parries. She is a smart girl and very quiet. But is a very kind doll who loves reading a good book and watching her favorite TV show 'Sewn or Sown?'. Her powers revolve around plants and her animal is Sugar.

Apple Pie Crust Sewn from a tablecloth. She is a very sweet girl who is very curious and is not the smartest button in the drawer. Though she loves her friends and adventure more then anything else. Her powers revolve around wood and her animal is Cross.

Platinum Tiara Princess Sewn from an old princess's shiny dress. She is a bit aloof preferring to keep to herself even though she stays around her friends. Though occasionally she can be a bit snobbish but does have her moments of pure kindness. Her powers are light related and her animal is Cutie.


Marmalade Waffle A quiet boy who lives next door to Platinum Tiara Princess. Known to have strange telekinetic powers and acted sweet for a long time...but something happened.

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