Narrator: Such a nice day above ground! None of the Undertale CHARActers have come to visit. So the lalaloopsies are gonna visit them!

Pillow: *YAWN* Hey Bea, Harmony, Peanut, Spot Come here!

Bea: W-what is is Pillow?

Pillow: Let's go underground!


Spot: Let's go!

Peanut: All righty then!

Pillow: Yeah! 

  • All the girls go Underground*

Pillow: Here we are girls!

Napstablook: Hey Lalaloopsies

Bea: Hi Napstablook!

Naptablook: I'm sure you know my cousin Hapstablook.....?

Harmony: Um...? No! Who is she???

Napstablook: W-well he's a pink g-ghost and I haven't seen him since! H-he went missing after this robot named "Mettaton" g-got a new show!

Peanut: NOT METTATON!!!!

Habstablook: O-oh hi Napstablook!

Napstablook: *GASP* I missed you!

Haptablook: Hello Peanut Big Top, darling!

Peanut: How to you know my name..

Hapstablook: Well um, I'M THE REAL METTATON!!

Napstablook: *A little angry* W-why didn't you tell me you're Mettaton!?

Hapstablook: *Frowns and looks down*  Because I was busy being a star that everyone loves! I feel so gulty!

Naptablook: *Starts to get teary* And I was so e-exited to b-be a guest on your show I-I y-you didn't get a chance to tell me y-your Haptablook. *cries* SO WHAT IF YOUR FAMOUS YOU DON'T SPEND TIME WITH ME ANYMORE!? *runs away crying*.

Hapstablook: Please don't cry, Nap! You are my cousin and I wuv you! *hugs Naptablook*

Naptablook: *smiles and hugs back* I wuv you, too Hap! bye Lalaloopsies!

  • Meanwhile at Lalaloopsyland*

Flowey: HA! I finaly tresspassed Lalaloopsy Land and since I turned back into a Flower I HAVE PETAL POWERS!!! Why the flying heck am I talking to myself!? *Covers the Underground hole with dirt* haha!!! Now those FOOLISH Lalaloopsies can't make it back to their land MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

to be continued!

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