Narrator: Ah! Such a lovely day in Lalaloopsy Land! Shy little Muffet is not-so outgoing...

Muffet: Um... Anyone here?

Tuffet: Oh hello, you're from the underground...?

Muffet: Why yes!...

Tuffet: I'm Tuffet Miss Muffet!

Muffet: I'm just Muffet..

Tuffet: Do you want to go over to my house for tea?

Muffet: T--t-t-that w-would be n-nice!

Tuffet: We're already getting along!

Muffet: yes ahuhuhuhuhu~ 

  • 10 minuets later*

Tuffet: I make the BEST tea *spills tea on muffet*

Muffet: *GASPS* OMG how dare you!!!... ahuhuhuhu~! cue the music my dear pet!

  • 10 seconds later*

Muffet: *Sings Spider Dance* ahuhuhuhu~ Do you like my song? I'm just practicing that song to sing to that BRAT Frisk! He's not really my friend... ahuhuhuhuhu~ And Y'know Chara right the girl with the knife? Yeah she's not much of a brat! But she is still a brat ahuhuhuhu~

  • Meanwhile in the underground*

Muffet: *GASPS* Oh that was just a dream hehehe... 

Tuffet: Yeah! Totaly a dream!

Muffet: Ahuhuhuhu~ Wait, how did you get here!?

The end

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