Narrator: Ah! Such a lovely day above ground!

Peanut: Jewel, you're a gem.

  • Crickets chirp*

Peanut: Get it?

Jewel: *sigh*

Peanut: Am I not that punny and funny anyMOAR!? I better give up jokes and puns and stick to my circus acts!

Jewel: I bet a little someone-someone can help you!

Peanut: Someone-someone? *GASP* Yes yes! Thanks!

  • 2 days later*

Peanut: I'm FINALLY in Snowdin! Huh what's that? A shadow?!

Chara: I'm not a shadow, I'm the Chara-cter who NEVER dies! I'm already dead... stay back!

Peanut: Why would I stay back, Chara? We're friends!

Chara: You don't under....SANS get it? Understand Under-Sans!

Peanut: *Stamps foot* Grrrrrr!!!! I can't make good jokes anymore! You are the pun master!

Sans: *Walks up to Peanut* Chara? The pun master?! I'm the pun master!

Chara: Um, I'm the punny-funny one!

Peanut: Elephant, who's zebest?

Elephant: All 3 of you are the best!

Sans: Meh, everyone's perfect just the way they are!

  • Peanut, Sans, Chara, and Elephant all laugh*

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