Narrator: Ah! such a lovely day in The underground world!

Frisk: Hey! I see someone!

Chara: HELLOOOOOOOOO Frisk!!!!!

Frisk: Hey, Chara!

Chara: Let's go to the above ground!!!!!!!

Frisk: But Toriel said-

Chara: Who cares 'Bout what Toriel says!? * Drags Frisk's hand* Let's go to the above ground!

Frisk: Hhmph!

  • At Lalaloopsy Land*

Chara: Here we are!!! Hey that girl has button eyes. COOOOOL!

Frisk: Ugh!!!! Let's go back to the underground!


Frisk: UGH!

Chara: Hey that girl need a gooooood killin'

Frisk: NO-

Chara: *Kills Mittens* *breaths hevily*

Frisk: Could this day get any worse!?

  • Back at Frisk's room*

Frisk: GASP! Oh it was just a dream! YAY

Chara: Remember when I killed that girl with the blue hair!?

Frisk: Oh NOOOOOOOO this was not a dream!!!!!!

  • The Next Day*

Buddles: *YAWN* Good morning Lil' Polar Bear and Polar Bear! I wonder where Mittens is!? * Looks in Mittens' room* *GASPS* MITTENSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!???? *Sobs* Mittens where are you!? I will look all over Lalaloopsy land!

  • 8 days later*

Bundles: Mittens is dead! NO! Well it's just a guess! Wha-what? NOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Back At the underground*

Mittens: Oh-oh!? I'm not dead!!

Chara: Hhmph! and I though I'm the CHARActer who never dies!! Well I did die...

Frisk: That girl- Not dead! What is your name oh, beautiful one?

Mittens: I'm Mittens Fluff N Stuff! I'm the freezing kind of cold not the mean kind of cold!

Frisk: I'm Frisk! And this is Chara! She got sick from a cold a long time ago and died, But my POWER brang her back to life!

Chara: Which I'm so happy 'bout

Frisk: Let's go home!

  • In Lalaloopsy Land*

Bundles: *Burp!* I love ice cream! *Burp!* But I don't know if Mittens is dead or alive, but we should go to the underground! Right bears!? Mittens might not be there! *Shivers in fear* But Let's take a shot!

  • 1 day later*


Frisk: No!!! That was Asriel!

Asriel: I'll fix it! Like Felix!

  • Back at Lalaloopsy land*

Berry: where's Bundles?

Camera: She told me she is looking for Mittens so I'm gonna tell everyone this!

Berry: Oh, ok! I got some chores to do, so I'll se you tomorrow!

Camera: Bye!

  • at the underground*

Bundles: Woah! I'm in a winter-y place!

Sans: Hello button eyed little girl! I'm Sans!

Bundles: Hi I'm Bundles! I'm a Lalaloopsy!

Sans: COOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 8 days later *

Bundles: I will find Mittens! I know I can! Where am I?

Alphys: Hi I-I'm Alphys!

Bundles: I'm your average snuggly girl, Bundles!

Alphys: Hello I'm your average snuggly girl, Bundles!

Bundles: NO! My name is just Bundles Snuggle Stuff!

Alphys: S-sorry. Hey! we're photo bombing Mettaton Ex's show!

Bundles: We better get out of the way!

Mettaton Ex: OMG who's that blue haired darling?

Bundles: Oh m-m-me!? I-I-I'm Bundles!

Mettaton Ex: Nice to meet you, Bundles, Darling! I'm Mettaton Ex!

Bundles: Ask me a question!!!

Mettaton Ex: Ok! What do you like best about me!?

Bundles: um. Um, um TOBY!!!!!

Mettaton Ex: Toby? What the hell is that? Sounds... sexy!


Bundles: What does hell and sexy mean?

Alphys: You should be not hearing those words, young child.

Bundles: Ok! I'm looking for my older sister, Mittens she looks like me! Can you help me please!?

Alphys and Mettaton Ex: YES!!

  • Meanwhile in Frisk/Asriel-Chara/Toriel's house*

Mittens: *Gasp* I just rememberd about my sister and our pets!! CHARA WHY DID YOU TRY TO KILL ME????!!!!!

Chara: I just got carried away like all girls like me do!!

Frisk: Let's find your little sister!!

Mittens: Ok let's go outside -if it's ok with Toriel!

Toriel: Fine, fine!

  • 1 day later*

Undyne: Hey, Frisk!

Frisk: hellooooooo!

Undyne: And Chara!

Chara: hai~

Undyne: And the blue haired girl!

Mittens: Hi, my name is Mittens!

Undyne: Hi, I'm Undyne!!! AND I'M ALSO THE UNDYING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mittens: Ok, then! I'm looking for my little sister, Bundles!

Undyne: I'll help ya look!

Sans: And Me, too!

Papyrus: And me, also!

Nabstablook: Me, too!

Mittens: WOAH! What are your names!?

Sans: I'm Sans!

Papyrus: My name is Papyrus!!

Nabstablook: Nabstablook! But you can call my Blooky!

Mittens: Let's look together to find my LITTLE SISTER, BUNDLES!

Asriel: *runs out of his/Frisk/Chara/Toriel's house* I'LL HELP!!!!

Muffet: Hello everyone and Blue haired girl!

Mittens: Name's Mittens! Looking for my little sister, Bundles!

Muffet: I'm Muffet.

Mittens: Oh, I have a friend named Tuffet Miss Muffet

Muffet: She probably likes spiders ahuhuhuhuhu~

  • meanwhile at Hotland*

Bundles: Alphys, Mettaton Ex, where are we?

Alphys: This is Hotland! But I think Undyne is the hot one!

Bundles: Undyne?

Alphys: She's a friend of mine! Soon to be mah girlfriend!

Bundles: So you're Leslie en!

Mettaton Ex: *laughs* You mean Lesbian!!!!! *Laughs*

Bundles: Darn it! I always mispronounce words!

  • 2 days later*

Mittens: I see a Robot and a Dinosaur!

Frisk: That's Mettaton Ex And Alphys!

Bundles: I see 2 humans, 2 goats, 1 Spider, 2 Skeletons, 1 Ghost, and 1 fish!

Alphys: That's Frisk, and Chara, Toriel and Asriel, Muffet, Sans and Papyrus, Nabstablook, and OH BOY THAT'S MY CRUSH UNDYNE!!!!

Bundles: And I also see MITTENS!!!

Mittens: And I also see BUNDLES!!!

Bundles: *runs up to Mittens* OH I missed you!!!!!

Mittens: I missed you too and you also, pets!

Polar Bear and Little Polar Bear: YAY!!!!

Frisk: You're welcome to visit as many times as you like!

Bundles and Mittens: Ok bye! Don't worry We know the way home! We have a good memory!

Everyone exept Mittens, Bundles, and the 2 bears: BYE!! See you next time!!

Mittens: *Sighs happily* Bundles, let's go home now! We can see our new friends next time!

Bundles: Ok! *smiles*

  • The camera zooms out and it's a lovely sunset and everyone waves at Mittens and Bundles (And the 2 bears) As the 4 of them walk off screen*


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