Dot: Okay, we are going to make a school. What do you think of that?

Suzette: Ugh, only losers go to school, you science geeks!

Peanut: You think that sounds boring? I'd rather go prank everyone.

Confetti: Me too.

Suzette: Prank people, you say? Why don't we give that a try?



Alice: GAH! Wacky! Don't scare me like that, you crazy lunatic! *drops the teapot on Wacky as he falls off a cliff*


Alice: Oops. I didn't see that cliff there.

Suzette: Hmm, I have a funny idea.

Suzette picks up Alice

Alice: Hey, don't throw me off the cliff as well!

Suzette: Too bad! *throws Alice off the cliff*

Alice: AAAAAH!

Peanut and Confetti: HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Confetti: Hey, you two are great pranksters! Who, out of both of you, would be the best?

Peanut: Well, duh! Suzette is defenseless and all that, so I'm the best!

Suzette: Hey! I bet I am the best!

Peanut: Fine, let's have a contest to see who's the best fancy prankster. You'd better be there.

Suzette: I will.

Peanut: I bet I will win!

Suzette: No! I will win!

Peanut and Suzette start fighting. Suddenly, Wacky climbs back up the cliff with a ladder.

Wacky: So, what did I miss? Oh, dear. A clown girl and a duchess fighting. That's not good.

Misty: I don't think so, either. Their pranks are harming all of Lalaloopsy Land. If they don't stop fighting soon, we're all doomed.


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