Temporary photo of Kit E. not drawn in Lalaloopsy style.

Kit E. Vanish was sewn from a plush chesire cat. Her birthday is October 6 (national smile day). When her last stitch was sewn, she disappeared from sight, only to reappear in the corner of the room.


Kit lives to make people smile. She also pulls harmless pranks on her friends. She tends to disappear and float around the air because it's her favorite way of travel.

Likes: smiles, pranks

Dislikes: sadness

Friends: Peanut and Misty


Kit has yellow eyes, light pink cheeks, and pale skin. Her lavender hair is styled like Jelly Wiggle Jiggle's. Her top is magenta with lavender sleeves and lavender belt. Kit's arm warmers are light pink. Her skirt alternates light pink and magenta in a striped pattern. Her high tops are lavender. Kit's ears and tail are maroon.


Kit's pet is based off the dormouse. He is brown with a pink suit and purple shirt and tie. He doses off constantly and drinks tea.


Kit lives in a white teapot with gold trim in a spiraled pattern. She always is having a tea party somewhere in her house.


-Her color scheme was hard to go by because in the original Walt Disney version of the story, the color scheme is maroon, magenta, lavender, and light pink. Other merchandise pass it of as magenta, maroon, and light pink leaving lavender out of the picture. I finally decided on the original color scheme because it also on the Kingdom Hearts games and a walk-a-round character in Disneyland Paris ( and I love purple :3).



A concept drawing of her pet.


A doodle of Kit E. with some notes of the colors I used.

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