Kira Sunshine



Sewn On:

Sun Day!

Sewn From:


Kira Sunshine is a fan-made lalaloopsy. She enjoys sunny days and going to the beach. Kira also has a twin sister named Alana Luna and 2 little sisters named Sparkle Sunshine and Sweetie Luna. Kira is extremely spunky and has the answer to almost every question on the sun. Have a question about the sun? Go to Kira and Sparkle!


Kira's appearence is remarkable to Peanut Big Top. She has 2 wild blonde pigtails, dark pink cheeks, black button eyes and eyelashes and a little sun "birthmark near her right eye. She wears an orange top, a darker orange belt, and a frilly tangerine color skirt. Like Peanut, she wears black and white stockings. She also has maroon gloves and boots.


Kira's pet is a sun beam.


  • She might be the only lalaloopsy to have a twin sister and 2 little sisters.
  • She is the oldest twin, while Alana is the youngest
  • Like her sister, Sparkle is the older twin while Sweetie is the youngest
  • Kira's original name was "Karen Sunlight"
  • It is unknown what Kira was sewn on
  • Kira Has 2 Siblings Oly One
  • Kira Has Her Own Price Tag, She Sells For $100, 000.