Kerry Post 'N' Packages is a mailcarrier of Lalaloopsyland. She is a punctual girl who makes sure that everyone has everything they need when they need it, and isn't satisfied until her bag is empty. Her name is a play on the word "Carry," a mail carrier's job, post and packages being things that are often delivered.

About Kerry


Kerry is a peach skinned Lalaloopsy with plain black eyes and pink cheeks. Her black hair is tied into two low pigtails, and a  blue bow is on the left side of her head. The upper part of her dress is a pale blue while the sleeves and lower part are a darker. Both the bottom of the dress and sleeves have pale blue trimming. She wears blue knee length shoes with white laces, and a brown belt with a large pocket on the left for carrying mail.


Kerry's pet is a blue and white pigeon.


Her home is made of cardboard boxes, and her door looks like an envelope.


  • Kerry was sewn on December 7, which is Letter Writing Day.
  • She was sewn from a mail carrier's bag.

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