Jewel Sparkles is in charge of welcomes but when she meets Mani and Tab E. She tries to give both a welcome but the both sisters are too shy and also, Jewel got scrambled will all the words she has given from her friends. This is based off the Theodore Tugboat episode, Theodore and the Welcome.


(episode starts in Lalaloopsy Land)

MGA: The lalaloopsys are having fun waiting for their meeting from Crumbs. Jewel and her friends, Spot, Peanut, Sunny, Pickles, Trace E., Squiggles, Tippy, and Suzette are playing. Jewel was waiting impatient to be in but today was a very important day for Jewel and her friends and it's Sunday.

Crumbs: Alright, Spot, you will be in charge of getting art stuff and bringing it to Bea's house for school day tomorrow.

Spot: Yes, Crumbs!

Crumbs: Pickles, you will be in charge for making food for somebody's orders at your own diner all day.

Pickles: Coming right up, Crumbs!

Crumbs: Squiggles and Trace E., you will be in charge of getting new clay and chalk from Button Masterpiece Products, Inc.

Squiggles and Trace E.: Sure!

Crumbs: Tippy, you are in charge of helping new visitors learn ballet.

Tippy: Thanks! You are too-too kind!

MGA: Jewel looked at Tippy. Learning ballet was the job she was hoping for. But Crumbs said...

Crumbs: Ah, Yes Jewel. I would like you to be charge of welcomes.

MGA: Jewel was surprised. Being in charge of welcomes. That means she gets to show visiting old and new visitors around Lalaloopsy Land. It is a very important job and she has never done it before.

(A button scene transition cuts the episode to Jewel about to say welcome to Citrus Dreams to Lalaloopsy Land.)

Jewel: Who are you?

Citrus: I am Citrus Dreams and I am new here.

Jewel: Welcome to Lalaloopsy Land. I hope you like it here because, because... it's, it's... nice. Nice? Is that good for a welcome?

MGA: Jewel wondered what she has to say. (a gramophone is heard and Tippy is coming holding it) It was Tippy's gramophone. Tippy is on her way to work with Pickles.

Tippy: What are you doing?

Jewel: I am practicing my welcome.

Tippy: Ah, welcomes are easy. Just say "Hello! This is the cutest biggest land in the whole entire world!".

MGA: With that, Tippy turns on the gramophone again...(a gramophone is heard again)...and walks away.

Jewel: Ah, nice music.

Citrus: Uhh...thanks for the welcome. (walks into Lalaloopsy Land)

Jewel: I wonder...what's the best way to welcome.

(A lalaloopsy logo scene transition cuts the episode to Jewel walking to Squiggles and Trace E.)



  • This is based off the Theodore Tugboat episode, Theodore and the Welcome.

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