Java Brewed 'N' Roasted


Lalaloopsy Mini

Sewn on

September 29th (National Coffee Day)

Made from

A Roasted Coffee Bean


Coffee Rabbit

Java Brewed 'N' Roasted is part of the Sweet Drinks collection. 


Java is so full of energy and never ever tired. She's up and at 'em all the time and loves to start the day off with a nice cup of delicious hot coffee at the break of dawn. Java is definitely a morning person!


Java is a sleek girl who is always hip with the "in-crowd". She has fair skin, coffee bean colored eyes, and pale purple cheeks. Her hair is medium-length and worn down by her cheeks, half her bangs cover her right eye. Above her head she wears a cardboard coffee cup which is slightly tilted.

Java's dress is overall white and brown. The top of her dress is shaped like a coffee cup and at the stomach is a large coffee cup holder in the color brown. In the center is a green circle with an icon of hot coffee. Java wears brown cup holders on her wrists as well to match her dress. The skirt part of her dress is white and looks like an upside down coffee filter. She wears striped tights in two different shades of green. She wears ballet flats that look like brown coffee beans. 


A coffee rabbit.


Java prefers the in-crowd of hipsters who lounge around the coffee house. She feels like she belongs there, especially when the scent of hot coffee is in the air. When the blues are playing and the lights are low, Java can sit back and take a load off. 


  • Mini Java Brewed 'N' Roasted


  • Java does not like her coffee black because it is too bitter.
  • Java is one of, if not the only, few Lalaloopsy characters to have half their face obscured. 
  • Her favorite word to describe something is "in".


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