Jade E. Feline
Jade E. Feline
Jade E. Feline


Lalaloopsy Full Size

Sewn on

October 29th

Sewn from

Jaguar/Leopard print



Jade E. Feline is the wildest beast in Lalaloopsy Land! She loves felines more than anything, especially jaguars. She has a passion for sighting wild animals, and whenever two of her wild friends are fighting, Jade isn't afraid to step in the way and stop them before they hurt each other, even knowing they could attack her as well.

About Jade


Jade E. Feline is a fair-skinned girl with typical black button eyes and rosy cheeks. She has dandelion hair with slanted bangs and stylish curled locks. Her dress is jaguar printed with three black buttons going down the torso, whith short open sleeves. Jade's style sends out a roar only the fanciest fashionistas can hear!


Jade's pet, Tigress, is a lion cub. It is daffodil colored with small ears, snout and tail, and wears a jaguar printed bow on its left ear. It has big black eyes.


  • Full Size
  • Mini



  • October 29th is National Cat Day.

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