Here is a list of Ideas for Lalaloopsy Littles.  I haven't had time to do any artwork for a while, so no drawings for these characters yet,

Please do not steal these ideas.

Mint Chew N' Pop (little brother of Bubbles Smack N' Pop) pet llama made from mint gum

Danny Lion Petals (little boy cousin of Mari Golden Petals) sewn from Dandilions pet lion

Cane Stripes (little brother of Mint E. Stripes) pet snowman sewn from candy canes

Anise Twirl  (little sister of Twist E Twirl) sewn from Anise licorice pet snake

Sweet Spice Drop (little sister of Sugar Fruit Drop) sewn from Spice Drops pet gummi worm

Hook Seven Seas (little brother of Peggy Seven Seas) pet crocodile

Puff Candy Fluff (little sister of Toasty Sweet Fluff) sewn from cotton candy pet porcupine

Sunflower Longstem (little girl cousin of Rosebud Longstem) grown from sunflowers pet seed

Sugar Dunk N' Crumbles (little sister of Cake Dunk N' Crumbles) sewn from sugar donut pet donut

Fairy Wishes (little sister of Smile E  Wishes) pet Tooth sewn from tooth fairy

Apple Crumble Crust (little sister of Cherry Crisp Crust) sewn from apple pie pet worm

Moon Magic Spells (little brother of Star Magic Spells) pet griffin sewn from wizard robe twin

Sun Magic Spells (little sister of Star Magic Spells) pet phoenix sewn from sorceress robe twin

Sakura Kimono (little sister of Yuki Kimono) pet dragon sewn from yukata kimono

Puddin' Wiggle Jiggle (little sister of Jelly Wiggle Jiggle) sewn from pudding pet hampster

Icy Snowflake (little sister of Winter Snowflake) pet snowball sewn from ice

Rags Mend N Sewn (little sister of Scraps Stitched N Sewn) pet cat sewn from scraps

Harli Q Carnival (little sister Confetti Carnival) pet peacock sewn from Harliquin

Bee Sweet Pots (little girl cousin of Teddy Honey Pots) sewn from a bee pet hive

Astroid Galaxy (little brother of Haley Galaxy) pet UFO sewn from alien

Present Piece O Cake (little sister of Candle Slice O Cake) pet cake sewn from present

Snowy Ice Cone (little sister of Frost I.C. Cone)  pet penguin sewn from ice cone

Silver D Luxe (little sister of Goldie Luxe) pet unicorn sewn from silver twin

Copper D Luze (little brother of Goldie Luxe) pet jaguar sewn from copper twin

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