Icy Frost Sweet is Lalaloopsy Land's snowcone enthusiast. She likes making snow cones for her friends in lalaloopsy land. she has a pet snow cone. Her Birthday is May 17th (National Blue Raspberry Snow Cone Day)


Icy is a frosty lalaloopsy who loves making snow cones for herself and her friends as well, her favorite snow cone is rainbow.


Icy is a brown-skinned girl Lalaloopsy with freckles. Her hair is white with two upper pigtails with teal bows on it, Her dress is aquamarine and her shoes are aquamarine too with blue shoelaces.


Icy's home is a snowcone shop that's shaped as a cone.


  • She is a recolor of blossom.
  • She is the only lalaloopsy to have a pet made from ice.
  • Icy has the same personality as Frost I.C Cone since they both make snow cones.
  • She has the same birthday as Frost I.C Cone.