Me:This was a spider dream,the dream was with lots of spiders at my house wih a bunch of kids who weren't scared of them,so I ran fast as I can,yep there was more spiders,even at deltaco well one spider on the logo,like really this was a dream this wasn't real,or was it,then I woke up & saw my walfas page,well this is still my dream, & walfas is a website, this had spiders like giant ones,Then I woke up,this is not my dream,I cryied then my big sister heard me,& ran fast as she can to help me stop crying.

Mallow:I know Walfas! That's the Touhou Create game!

Me:I think you told you scary dream yesterday.

Dream:Last night I dreamed you and the others were on a sea expedition and we got eaten by a blue whale.

Me:That's sad. Mallow what's Touhou?

Mallow:It's a Jappanese thing with damakfu,fighting games & anime.


the end

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