Hoppy Leapfrog was sewn on the 29th of Feburary, known as Leap Day. She loves leaping along with friends and resting on lily pads. Her favorite snack is anything shaped like flies! But her least favorite food is eating real bugs.



The image on the right is Hoppy in her regular outfit.


Currently, Hoppy does not have any pets. She dreams of having a pet fly, but she'll always end up trying to catch it with her tongue! She doesn't mean any harm, though. She's just trying to play around! Hoppy would also like a pet frog who she can leap around with.

Outfit and Appearance

Hoppy has minty green hair with bangs coming out of her frog hoodie. She has her hair in two low pigtails, and they are curly but a bit messy! She wears a green frog dress embroidered with a darker green color. For shoes, she wears minty green and leafy green boots with two small dotted buttons on them. She has slightly fair - but a bit tannish skin color.

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