She's another one of WatermelonSunshine's ancient (like, as in, from 2 years ago) fanon Lalaloopsy characters, like Beachy Flip'n Flop.


Hope Peace'n Love was sewn from a tie-dye shirt on World Peace Day, September 21. She has a peaceful and hippie-chick personality. She cares about the environment, is always happy, and believes non-violence is totally groovy, man!


Hope has light skin, black eyes, and braided hair like Feather, but it's brown. Her hippie headband is white, and it has no feather in the back. She wears a multi-colored tie-dye T-shirt and bell-bottom jeans with flowers on them. She also wears sneakers like Marina's but they are yellow.


A dove to represent peace. It has a peace sign on its wing.


She doesn't have a home! She lives in a park and can usually be found sitting on a picnic blanket.

Mini Accessories

Her mini doll comes with a picnic basket, a pair of bongo drums, and a flower.


  • Her favorite song is "Peace and Love" from Teen Titans Go.

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