Blanket: I'm so bored and tired.

Bundles: Me too.

Whiskers: Hey! I have an idea. Let's form a group and pull some pranks on our big brothers and sisters!

Trinket: Can I join?

Blanket: No! Go away!

Trinket: Please?

Blanket: But you don't like pranks, do you? If you don't like pranks, please stay out of our group!

Bundles dances for no reason.

Blanket: Bundles, this is no time for dancing.

Trinket: Some of my friends wanted to join. Cane we join? Please? We could pull a little prank or two.

Blanket: Trinket, I ALREADY SAID NO!

Needle: Aw, that's not fair.

Mimi: I agree with you, Needle.

Blanket: All right, Hoodlings, are you ready? Let's get pranking!

A montage is then shown as the Littles pull pranks on their big siblings.

Mittens: There you are! What were you doing?

Pillow: Yeah, I was taking a nap, but you woke me up by showering me in cold water!

Kat: We're very ashamed of you all.

Whiskers: We're sorry. It's just that we were bored and had nothing to do, so the last thing we decided to do was play a few harmless pranks.

Trinket: I'm so glad I wasn't invited to the group, because pranks are very mean and aren't funny at all. That's my opinion.

Jewel: What you Littles did was very rude and mean. I want you to apologize to us and promise not to pull any more pranks.

Whiskers: Okay...













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