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Hello! Welcome to the Lalaloopsy Land Fanon Wiki. We are an associate with the Lalaloopsy Land Wiki. If you wish to add a page, click the small button on the top right corner next to contribute and click ADD A PAGE.

Character Index

For a list of every character, please visit its page.


Please follow the rules to ensure everyone has a nice time here. Punishment will be given if one acts up too much.

  • Bullying other members is forbidden. That means harassement, or being rude to them.
  • Real content of any kind is not allowed, this means we don't want to see real life pictures of you or someone you know.
  • Inapropriate content - this means anything gross, anything involving swearwords, and any picture that makes you feel uncomfortable - has to have a warning.
  • Mary-Sue-type characters (a perfectionist who could do no wrong and is loved by everyone, for example) are not welcome
  • Please try to be kind to other members.

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