Hilary and her followers
Hilary was an OC that got abandoned.


Hilary is very popular. She likes being with her in crowd. Her hobbies are listening to the back street buttons and riding her bike to the Dairy Button. She can be very mean at times, and thinks jumping ropes for little Lalaloopsies, but shes not mean all the time


She has short blonde hair held in a blue tiara. She wears a purple shirt with a  blue stripe. She has a necklace with a gold jewel. She has a blue skirt and purple shoes.


She abandoned her friends (see in pic)

So she has these people now:

Mani Kee Neko

Straw B. Twirl

Serena C. Blue

Rae Sunshimmer

Tippy Tumblelina

Perry Blueberry


Spot Splatter Splash

Britain E. Island

Phantoma Wisp

Shadow Moonbeam

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