First shopkins srossover. Valentina works at a place called small mart


(now at small mart)

Valentina:I can't believe I get to work here so early.YAY!

(a hour later)


Valetina:Don't be neverous will ya?

Leafy: I'm not nervous. I just say that a lot when I'm looking for my BFF Peta.

Valentina: Who's Peta?

Leafy: Peta Plunger. The best friend a toilet paper roll could ever have!

Apple Blossom: You said it!

Leafy: What?! Peta is MY BFF!

Apple Blossom: But I have many BFF's!

Cheeky Chocolate: Hey Apple Blossom! I'm going to play Shopkin Toss with Kooky Cookie and Lippy Lips! Wanna play?

Apple Blossom: I'm too busy trying to sort this out with Leafy.

Valentina: What are you guys even talking about?

Cheeky Chocolate: Ooh, a newbie to Small Mart. Lemme tell you a little about it here. The foods and other stuff all talk, and we call each other Shopkins.

Valentina:I'm the store system dang it! Oh.....your shopkins. And you're gross.


Valentina: You have to deal with poop and pee every day.


Apple Blossom: Come on, Leafy. Let's go play some Shopkin Toss.

(Crumbs comes into the store)

Crumbs: Hey, do you know where I can find-(sees the Shopkins) Whoa. Why are the groceries all moving around on their own? And why do they have faces?

Kooky Cookie: WE'RE SHOPKINS! I'm Kooky Cookie.

Crumbs: Hey, I was going to name my pet mouse that. Stupid talking cookie stole my good name.

Kooky: STUPID?! (Fires chocolate chip lasers from her eyes)

Crumbs: (running) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

(Crumbs leaves with mouse)

Kooky: Okay in second thought I'm going to kill the next person that walks in!

Valentina: If it's the HIVE kill them, even the baby in a jetpack! If it's the Titans don't even kill them, and one of them has black hair and his name is Robin.

Leafy: Another 5 people are coming, look ready for them to buy us.(gets ready)

(The HIVE enter small mart)

Valentina:(looks scared but smiles at the HIVE) Hi welcome to small mart.....?

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