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Her Highness of Hearts is part of the Fairy Tales mini collection. She's a very proper and pronounced Queen who rules over the Fairy Tale Forest of Lalaloopsy Land with a book of strict rules. 


Her Highness is strict but fair and loves to recite the laws of her kingdom to its citizens. She loves sitting on her ruby red throne and waving her heart-shaped wand back and forth when she annunciates herself. She believes in order before anything else, so you better behave!


Her Highness is dressed like true royalty. She has fair-skin, standard black eyes, and blushing red cheeks. Her hair is scarlet and her bangs are parted into two curled buns. Hanging low from the back of her head are two heart-shaped pigtails that curl at the ends. Above her head rests her golden crown adorned in heart-shaped rubies. 

Her royal gown is red and black and her chest is covered by an ivory shawl with red swirly lace. Her sleeves are red and her frilly cuffs are black. Below her shawl is her skirt which is shaped into three hearts, two upside down and one rightside up. The center heart on the skirt is black while the the outter hearts are red. She wears white bloomers below her gown and on her legs she wears red and black striped tights. She wears mismatched red and black ballet flats with hearts on the tips in the same mismatched colors. 




  • Mini Her Highness of Hearts


  • Most of the decrees and laws in her rule book are silly and made up.
  • She loves being regaled by the court jester.
  • It is suggested that she was made before Queenie Red Heart. 


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