Hearts Arrows is the little sister of Lovely Arrows. She was sewn from a cupid's outfit on February 14 (Valentine's Day).


Hearts Arrows has fair-skin with a hint of pink and pink eyes. She wears a pink dress with whie bows and red arrows on it. she has a heart-shaped red locket around her neck. Her shoes are shaped like Trinket Sparkle's, but her shoes are red with white bows. She has the same hair as Squirt Lil' Top's, but Hearts' is red.


Hearts is a sweety who absolutely dislikes bullying. She thinks everyone has their own opinions and she respects theirs. She is a little prankster and sometimes goes a little too far. She has a sweet tooth for chocolate. She likes chocolate, valentines, flowers, and other people's opinions. She dislikes bullying, rudeness, and fighting.


Her pet is a chocolate bunny. His name is Cocoa-Hops. He is brown with candy eyes and a pink bow around his neck. He occasionally helps Hearts with the harmless pranks, like replacing markers for lipstick. He doesn't eat chocolate because he is chocolate, but when he sees other people eating it, he doesn't find it offensive.


Hearts lives with her sister, Lovely.


  • She doesn't have clip-on wings, like her sister.

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