Handsome Slippers
Handsome Slippers


Lalaloopsy Full Doll

Sewn on

June 21st (First Day of Summer)

Sewn from

Cinderella's Gloves & Prince Charming's Shirt


White Mouse

Handsome Slippers is the son of Cinder Slippers and Prince Handsome. Being royal is a family tradtion, but he dreams of being a normal boy and have fun ALL THE TIME.


His parents are Cinder Slippers and Prince Handsome, who come from royal families, but he wants to be normal boy and play alot. He often plays ball, and swims.


Handsome Slippers is a brown prince with black button eyes, and pink cheeks. He has golden-wavy hair kinda like Ace's and Forest's. He wears a red suit and teenis shoes.


Handsome Slippers has a white mouse kinda like Cinder. She wears a pink dress. Her eyes, nose and wishers are black.

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