WARNING: This is not a real Lalaloopsy episode. In fact, it's not even for the targeted fans of Lalaloopsy at all. It contains swearing, extreme violence/blood/gore, and other 14+ material. You have been warned.

Act 1

(The episode opens with Dot walking happily to Bea's house. She knocks on Bea's door. Bea answers.)

Dot: Today's the day! Today's the day!

Bea: WTF are you talking about?

Dot: Haley's coming back here! Don't you remember?

Bea: Oh, right! When's she coming?

Dot: Actually, I think she's already here. I heard a crash and a flash of light last night, so I think she's here now.

Bea: I heard that as well! In that case, we should follow where the crash came from!

Dot: Ok! Let's go! I hope she's ok!

Act 2

(Dot, Bea, Jewel, Crumbs, Peanut, and Pillow are seen walking through a trail that leads to the crash. Next to the crash there is an abandoned testing facility that's rather intimidating.)

Jewel: Oh F**K no!

Crumbs: I think I'm going to toss all my cookies...


Dot: We can't go back now. Haley's probably in there!

(Dot is somehow able to forcefully drag all of them into the facility extremely fast.)

Bea: C'mon, let's find Haley and get the hell out of here.

(The girls walk down a big, deep, dark hallway. They get out flashlights and wave them around looking for Haley. All of a sudden, Dot lets out a loud scream.)


Bea: What? WHAT!?

(Dot tearfully flashes her light at what looks like Haley, but instead it's all floppy and boneless.)


(Bea picks up what is thought to be Haley's dead body.)

Bea: Dude... it looks like Haley actually shed her skin.

Dot: Oh thank god...

(Unexpectedly, there is a loud, demonic screech. Dot flinches upward and behind her, two glowing, angry, yellow eyes open. Dot is understandably scared.)

Act 3

(Dot turns around and says nothing. She way too terrified to even speak. The eyes reveal a green Xenomorph-like monster, but it has a couple of differences: Having eyes, being Green, head being circular, having messy Turquoise hair, and having familiar-looking antennae. Dot immediately recognizes the creature.)

Dot: H-Haley..?

Adult!Haley: *SCREECH!!!*

Bea: Umm.. Dot? I think Haley's gone through a... metamorphosis...

Dot: That doesn't mean she wouldn't remember me! Haley, you know who I am... right?

Adult!Haley: (Screeches again and eats Dot's head. The rest of Dot's body falls over. Dead.)

Bea: HOLY F**K!!!

Pillow: ...Well that escalated quickly...

Peanut: OK. WHY does the black person ALWAYS die FIRST!?

Jewel: Probably used here because this is a parody of horror films.

Crumbs: SSHH! Don't let them know we know about them!

Jewel: Oops! Sorry!

Bea: Just shut up and RUN!!!

Jewel: Oh. Right!


(The girls run from Adult!Haley, with her chasing them. The disappear down the dark halls.)

Act 4

(The dark halls reveal Jewel who seems to be separated from the group. She is visibly traumatized.

Jewel: Hello? Hello? Anyone here?

(Adult!Haley jumps right in front of her. Jewel screams.)

Jewel: Anyone ELSE here?!

(Adult!Haley jumps right at Jewel. It suddenly cuts to Bea and Peanut, who hear Jewel's agonized shriek.)

Bea: Jewel!

(The two run and find Jewel's body, whose gut has been torn open, insides spilling out.)

Both: AAAUGH!!!

(A gross green liquid splashes on Peanut, who starts screaming in horrific pain as it seems that her head is slowly disintegrating.)


(Bea runs only to be pierced by a long, sharp tail, revealed to be Adult!Haley's. Bea chokes in pain and collapses on the floor dead.)

Act 5

(It shows Crumbs in a dark testing room, hiding behind a table. She is sobbing in terror. Adult!Haley comes in and walks right next to Crumbs is hiding. Crumbs doesn't say anything, but we can see she is in panic.)

Crumbs (whispering): Please don't kill me.....

(Adult!Haley, being the vicious killer she is, refuses to listen and goes near Crumbs' face. Crumbs is shedding even more tears now. We then hear a familiar voice.)

Pillow: Get away from her you BITCH!

(Pillow is seen at the door with a machine gun. She aims it at Adult!Haley and starts gunning her down. As she gets shot, Adult!Haley is seen bleeding blue liquid that spills a little on Pillow and finally falls over dead.)

Crumbs: P-Pillow... thank you...

(Crumbs smiles and hugs Pillow. Pillow hugs her back.)

Pillow: C'mon. Let's get the f**k outta here.

(The two proceed to walk out.)


And so... that's the story of Haley's return. Really crazy shit. Crumbs and Pillow got married soon and lived a happy life, but what happened that day never left them. They often visit the graves of their fallen friends and mourn.

But enough of that.


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